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We all have the fundamental need to grow into and express who we are meant to be. However, pressures to adapt to values of family and society, trauma, or seemingly unresolvable conflicts in our personality can inhibit this natural process. The goal of therapy is to bring this latent process to life, and to make it more conscious. A good therapeutic relationship will help you to be more receptive to yourself and to notice and honor these inner workings.

In therapeutic work, I focus my attention on the innate processes of the person I am working with: how the deeper, instinctual mind is ‘speaking’ through symptoms, repeating emotional or behavioral patterns in relationships, or through conflicts either on an inner level or in coming to terms with outer life circumstances. Sometimes this expression can even manifest as a lack of expression, in the form of depression, a sense of stagnation and loss of meaning in life. Although these patterns are initially negative and cause suffering, our work towards understanding them allows vital aspects of the personality to emerge and integrate with the conscious sense of self, restoring balance.


Therapy is an opportunity to weave your unique narrative, and become more aware and accepting of who you are, your unlived potentials as well as limitations. The work can specifically address short–term needs or a desire for in–depth exploration.


Besides the material of daily life, I work with dreams and other imaginative processes to see more deeply into the whole psyche, beyond the conscious perspective. If an individual wishes to use their astrological birth chart, we can work with it as with dreams—to understand the dynamic between different functions or centers of the personality. (Please refer to my astrology page for further information).


Bringing the conscious, social self into greater harmony with emotion and instinct will provide access to a more creative and individual attitude towards living.

Museo Archeologico Paolo Orsi, Siracusa, Sicily

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